Tourist farm Kuusetuka is located 3,5 km from the centre of Kuressaare. It situates in a very natural place between the junipers and stone fences.

The farm has been reconstructed exactly as it was 130 years ago.

We offer our guests for resting 4 log cabins, were the furniture is made from manually barked apple-trees (3+1 persons).
You can use sauna and shower, which are in a separate cabin. You can enjoy your evenings by barbecuing in the special barbecue cabin.

We have a camping place in the middle of junipers (for 30-40 persons).

If you make a reservation, then jou can enjoy the old steam bath, use smoke stove, go fishing with the boat or ride with bicycle.

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Kuuse Farm, Pähkla village, Kaarma community, Saaremaa
Phone Peep Saarniit +372 50 25 827; Reet Saarniit +372 56 672 020